Preparing Images for Your Book

In this blog post, I want to talk about image preparation for your book. You may not know it, but there are requirements for the images that you add to your books. If your images don't meet the guidelines where you intend to publish then your book will be rejected. If your book is mainly … Continue reading Preparing Images for Your Book

New Book: Get Ready To Publish

Are you prepared for self-publishing? When you are done writing your book you need to prepare it for publishing. But you also need to be prepared yourself. I don't think many authors that are just starting out realize this. As a professional book formatter, I work with so many authors that need information on the … Continue reading New Book: Get Ready To Publish

Ebook Functionality and the Writing Process

Are you planning on publishing an ebook soon? If you are then you need to consider how ebook reading devices function. If you don't format your own books then you may think you don't need to be concerned with this aspect of things. You may think that it is the person's job that hire to … Continue reading Ebook Functionality and the Writing Process