Hello everyone. I am a book cover designer and a self-publishing author. I am also an entrepreneur. In fact, anyone who ventures out on their own to do any kind of independent work from home is. It isn’t easy being an entrepreneur today especially when you are new at it. There are all kinds of challenges that you have to overcome. We all go through it. Many of my posts will be reflecting what I went through, in all aspects of working from home.

I focus most of my efforts toward all aspects of self-publishing. That includes writing and formatting books for both the eBook version and Print On demand. I also love to create book covers for both. Design is my passion. This blog will reflect all aspects of what I love to do.

My Books

You will be able to find information about my books under the My Work and Books links in the main menu. You will also see a list of them in the sidebar. I will add more as they become available. I will also post any sales too.

My Credentials

I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division for a degree in Graphic Arts and Interactive Media.

Future Endeavors

I will be opening up a new premade book cover store in the near future. So you will be able to find updates about that on my blog coming soon.

I hope that you find my posts both enjoyable and useful. Thanks for stopping by!

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