I had a totally different blog post planned for today. But in view of last night events in London, I decided to change it and stray a little away from the type of posts that I normally do. I read a blog post a little while ago that a man from Manchester, England wrote and it inspired me to write my own post on these terrible events.

First, I want to say that my heart goes out to all of those people and their families affected by last night’s events. When I say, all those affected, it really isn’t just them though, now is it? It affects us all. Because it seems like this violence is happening in every corner of the world now. It may feel like we are powerless to stop it and maybe we are. But we can help by sharing positive messages instead of negative ones. There are so many more outlets in the form of social media available to us today than past generations had. We need to take advantage of all that we have.

All too often I see so much negativity on social media especially when it comes to politics. It seems that no one can agree on anything. It is very evident in the United States now. Yet instead of coming together to try to find solutions to make things better, people trash each other to the extreme. Social media seems to be the main outlet for that. It is definitely the downside of being “Social” on social media. I believe that the evil in the world that is causing this terrible violence sees that divide AND is using it against us all!

It is frustrating for all of us to see this stuff happening. But we can’t give in to hate, fear, or violence. Otherwise, the people that are doing this win. We need to all stand together and share positive messages of hope. Those horrible people need to see that we WILL stand together and not be defeated by their hate. The people who were directly affected need to hear that right now. So make the effort to share the positive things, if only for today. The world needs messages of hope, now more than ever before!

#LondonStrong, #ManchesterStayStrong