I recently had an issue with my Facebook page that I want to pass along to people. If you have a Facebook Business page I suggest that you set up the preferred page audience setting. If you don’t you may get a lot of unwanted followers that have nothing to do with the concept of your page. This is what I ran into.

I set up a Facebook page for my premade book cover store which would be for authors and writers. But I didn’t take the time to set up this particular setting. What got was a lot of people who weren’t authors or writers and had absolutely nothing to do with anything remotely close to that. They were all young, foreign men which are not what I am looking to attract to my page.

I create my book covers in English because that is the language that I speak. I happened to notice that I was getting a lot of young men whose profiles were in Arabic. So I checked all of them. I do not speak that language and if I can’t read what people write then they won’t be posting anything on my page.

I have nothing against people from any other country. But my Facebook page is not a hangout for young, foreign men and this ALL the likes and follows that I was getting. That is not what my page is about. So if you are looking to attract a certain demographic to your Facebook page I strongly suggest taking the time to fully fill out the preferred page audience setting.