With the rapid rate of job loss in America today, people are trying unconventional things to earn a living. Like many others, I have also faced quite a bit of job loss in my lifetime. I decided quite a few years ago that my ultimate goal would be to work for myself rather than relying on others to provide me with an income. I was fed with relying on and being at the mercy of, some company for my livelihood. In today’s economy is has become crystal clear to me that they are unreliable! The only one that you can really count on is you. At least you know that you won’t fire yourself when the going gets tough.

I tested the waters and tried several different ventures to see how I would fair at working for myself. But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I got into self-publishing that I found something that I really liked to do. But it wasn’t the actual book writing and self-publishing that really caught my attention. Although I still self-publish books, I decided to put most of my effort into book cover design.

I was born and raised in the Buffalo, New York area and had done factory work for many years, which is probably one of the reasons that I faced so much job loss. Although it seems that many other job fields are facing the same issues now. While I was still in the manufacturing industry, I worked my way through college at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. My degree was actually for web design but because it was an art school I was also forced to take a lot of graphic arts classes. I never thought that I would do anything with them. But I needed book covers for a couple of books that I had written and to save money I decided to take a stab at making them myself. I discovered that I loved doing them!

So it was through this side income stream from self-publishing that I discovered something that I really love to do. Now I even have my own online pre-made book cover store called eBookDesigner.net. I am sure that my story is not unlike many other people’s stories today. I did all of this out a need to survive financially because the industry that I was in was going down the tubes. But I am glad that I had the perseverance to keep trying new things and searching for something that I was good at that I could actually earn an income from.

None of the job loss that I went through was easy. It is horrible watching the company that you are working at literally pack up and move to a third world country right before your eyes. What is even worse is that you know that your whole income is leaving with them. My point of this blog post is to show people that even when things get tough you can still succeed if you just keep trying. I hope that my story can somehow inspire others to keep searching for that one thing, that when they find it they will know that they can succeed at it.